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Copeland's is offering its famous Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys and Turduckens in Atlanta. 

Over 25,000 Atlanta families have enjoyed these unique Cajun Delicacies

If you'd like to place a fried turkey or turducken order, please click the location below where you would like to pick up your turkey or turducken order and follow the simple instructions. We have two locations in Atlanta.

Orders can only be accepted via secure online ordering or in person. No phone or fax orders please. For more information or for answers to your questions, please contact: turkey@copelandsatlanta.com

Turkey FAQ

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Take home and serve it up! Delicious side items available! Our Cajun Fried Turkeys and Turduckens are now available for pick up YEAR ROUND with at least three days notice. During November and December we can accept your orders with as little as 24 hours' notice. HOWEVER, we recommend you reserve your turkey as soon as possible since quantities are LIMITED.

All turkey orders will be available at pre-arranged pick-up times. Re-heating instructions will be provided with each order and are available to print out from our website. Cajun Fried Turkey Certificates are available and make unique gifts for your family, friends and employees.

Our famous Cajun Fried Turkey has delicious crispy skin on and tender juicy meat on the inside. Frying a turkey is the best way to ensure that the meat doesn't dry out, but Copeland's goes even further than that. We inject all of our turkeys with a spiced butter marinade that helps the meat stay juicy and gives it incredible flavor.  Our turkeys are usually between 12-14 lbs and can feed 4-6 people. We also have boneless fried turkey breast for those who don't care for bones. We have dressing options for the boneless turkeys as well. Reserve your order today.

cajun fried turkey atlanta ga 

Our famous turduckens are another Louisiana treat that Copeland's of Atlanta is bringing to your table. This 15-16 lbs delicacy is a turkey, stuffed with a duck, that is stuffed with a chicken. The entire bird is boneless as well. On top of that, the empty spaces are stuffed with sausage and dressing to make sure you're getting the best possible flavor and tenderness. Our turduckens can feed 20-25 people. We bake all of our turduckens in both of our Atlanta locations. Order today!

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