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Are Cajun fried turkeys just for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

We make Cajun fried turkeys year-round! Why wait for the holidays? Our turkeys are great for family gatherings, office lunches and wherever there are hungry people, all year long.          

Is Cajun fried turkey spicy?

Cajun deep fried turkey is not spicy or hot—it’s mild. We like to say “they’re seasoned for flavor, not spice.” 

How many people will a fried turkey serve?

Our birds are 12-14 lbs. We can’t special-order custom sizes. Generally, one turkey is enough for about six people.

fried turkey

Do you sell barbecue turkey or other flavors?

We only have one variety—deep-fried in peanut oil and seasoned with lots of juice and flavor.

How do I order my turkey?

We don’t take orders over the phone, so please use our easy online order system here. All orders must be pre-paid. We need 72 hours’ notice January through October. This helps us ensure the freshest possible turkeys. In November and December, when our operation is running full-steam, we can have your turkey ready within 24 hours. 

Please note: our ordering system requires that you bring the credit card you used to place the order when you pick up your order. This is to protect you from anyone using your card without your permission.

If I am ordering a turkey for the holidays, when is the last date I can place an order?

We always recommend ordering a few weeks ahead to ensure HOT turkeys are available at the date/time you’d prefer.   Each of our restaurants can produce 40-45 HOT Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys per hour! But we have limited capacity to provide hot turkeys during the holidays, and at some point we are going to run out. To avoid problems, don’t wait until the last minute!  We always sell out for Thanksgiving Day pick-ups each year!


Will my turkey be hot or cold?

If you’re not going to eat it within an hour, we recommend that you pick it up cold, then heat it in the oven to make it crispy before serving. A deep-fried turkey that you try to hold for hours before the meal will dry out! So if you aren’t eating your turkey right away, go with the cold option—it even costs $5 less!

Okay, if I’m picking up a hot bird at the last possible minute, when can I get it?

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day you can come pick up your turkey between 9 am. and 6 p.m. Those pickup times apply Christmas Eve as well. We are closed Christmas Day. As for the rest of November and December and the rest of the year, you can pick up your turkey during any regular business hours, as long as it’s with 24 hours’ notice.  

Can I eat Cajun fried turkey if I have a peanut allergy?

We fry our turkeys in peanut oil. Sorry, but that’s the only way to do them the authentic Louisiana way!


Do you carve the turkeys?

No, we cannot carve whole birds.  If you want sliced turkey, we recommend ordering a pan of sliced turkey breast.


If I bring in my own turkey, can you fry it for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot cook turkeys we don’t provide.  We cannot assume liability for a bird that has been handled outside of our care.


Can I make changes to an order?

You are always welcome to add to an existing order!  We can also cancel orders.  We can change the pickup times on any turkeys ordered cold.  Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to orders that include a hot turkey.  We also cannot exchange any items once ordered.  We highly recommend that you check your order carefully before submitting.


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